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Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Metropolitan Washington Regional Fair Housing Plan (Draft)

D.C. still isn’t meeting housing goals west of Rock Creek Park. Here's how Mayor Bowser wants to change that.

Montgomery County could offer more tax breaks for affordable housing. Nonprofit developers are already lining up.

Capital Region CATALYZE

The D.C. region is falling far short of its affordable housing construction goals, a new study shows

Housing cost pressures for low-income N. Va. families were highest in US even before COVID-19 hit, report finds

Meeting the Washington region's future housing needs

A new narrative for housing: Playbook for the Greater Washington Region

Washington Housing Initiative: Context and contribution

Blog: Innovative models to preserve affordable housing are even more important in the aftermath of COVID-19​

Why the housing crisis is a problem for everyone - even wealthy homeowners

Region's elected officials urge their governments to commit to affordable-housing targets

Report: 374,000 new homes needed to alleviate housing shortfall

Without more housing soon, leaders fear declining quality of life

D.C. area leaders to set broad housing construction targets to address affordability crisis


​​Gentrification in D.C. means widespread displacement, study finds

The exodus from Greater Washington continues

A luxury home firewall could save this neighborhood from Amazon's HQ2

D.C. has the highest 'intensity' of gentrification of any U.S. city, study says

Policy & Research

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